Our journey began ten years ago with a mission to tackle the challenge of recycling end-of-life tires and waste rubber back into their original raw materials, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. Our story started with a university research project studying the aging of elastomeric materials used in the water utility industry. Noticing rubber components were degrading much faster than they should be inspired the idea of whether the rapid degradation mechanisms observed could be used to recycle tires, and the answer was yes. As the idea for recycling tires took root, researchers were granted a full patent for their chemical devulcanizing technology in 2016.

Our R&D Team based in Louisville, KY can provide samples of our recovered products from our Pilot Plant and aid in your sustainability journey. A larger demonstration facility is in the engineering and construction phase to provide larger-volume customer samples and next generation recovered products. Plans are in place for a first combined tire shredding and reaction system plant.


Clean Technology companies primarily focus on environmental and sustainability issues. They span from energy to computer programs, but they rarely are enabling consumers the ability to consume manufactured recycled products. Advanced Manufacturing enables customers to break away from the 19th-century type of manufacturing while still maintaining the quality and costs. Advanced Manufacturing heavily relies on automation to offset the ability to provide customers with customization.


Arduro has combined the best aspects of two different industries into one company. We are a clean technology advanced manufacturing company dedicated to providing rubber products manufacturers the ability to customize and blend their inputs so they can create unique and sustainable products at the same competitive price as if they were using oil-derived products.

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Instead of trying to find alternative uses for waste products, Arduro enables end consumers the ability to truly reclaim their waste product for reuse in its original application.

The quantity of waste rubber worldwide is staggering. Natural and synthetic rubber are essential components in the manufacture of tires, which account for a significant percentage of global rubber consumption. The remainder is used in a wide range of products, and despite current recycling efforts, large quantities of waste rubber still end up in landfills all across the world.

Our commitment to solving the world’s tire waste issue has led us to rethink all aspects of tires – their composition, use, and disposal. Our mission is to create a truly circular lifecycle for tires and other rubber products, allowing them to be reused over and over again.

Rubber plays a vital role in the modern world, keeping us moving and making our lives safer and more comfortable. With the possibility of zero-waste rubber products manufacturing environments, we are paving the way for a sustainable future in rubber recycling.

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Discover our next-generation rCB and the other value raw materials we can recover from waste rubber Products


ARDURO has taken a different approach to try and solve the reclamation of rubber from used or end-of-life tires Technology
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ARDURO has taken a different approach to try and solve the reclamation of rubber from used or end-of-life tires Investors
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